Products & Services

Passive fire protection uses fire-resistant products to slow or contain the spread of fire. Wallguard Systems Ltd specialises in the nationwide design, supply and installation of all passive fire protection systems.

SYSTEXX Fire-Resistant Glass Fabric Wallcoverings

Innovative fire-resistant glass fabric wallcovering technology with a 30-year lifespan. Fast and easy fitting for cost and time-efficiency - never plaster or wallpaper again!


Sealing around services penetrating walls and floors

Surveys & Risk Assessments

Full passive fire surveys and asset condition reports and risk assessments for House of Multiple Occupancy


New or refurbishment of steel and timber door sets


Fire compartmentation below floors and above ceilings

Fire Walls & Cavity Barriers

Fully insulated fire rated panel walls and industrial separation, plus separation of ceiling voids

Thermal Soffit Insulation

Board or spray installation of thermal insulation to soffits

Air Sealing
of Rooms

Air sealing of computer suites and switch rooms

Structural Steel Fire Protection

Boards, intumescent paints, sprays to steel beams and columns

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